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I often find myself thinking about the weird space I occupy as someone who experiences both misogyny and transphobia, but not the intersection of the two.

It's not something that I've ever seen come up in discourse (for understandable reasons I suppose.) Or anywhere really. I've never seen anyone stop to examine that weird gender space (for whatever reasons and there may be a few) or even acknowledge that it exists? Like there just seems to be this jump between "GNC/non-trans NB women who experience misogyny but don't experience transphobia" and "DFAB NB people who experience transphobia but not misogyny."

And like, it makes me worry that people are just gonna force me to pick between being a cis woman and only experiencing misogyny or being a NB person and only experiencing transphobia like DFAB NB people can't experience both. And yet here I am.

Like I've legit just heard people say that DFAB demigirls don't experience transphobia but like. Sorry I'm pretty sure that being abused and misgendered and having transition resources withheld from me because I'm nonbinary constitutes transphobia. And I'm pretty sure that my political and social alignment with women based on not only personal comfort, but common experiences/the way I'm percieved/treated by society AND how I internalize it as attacks against myself constitutes experiencing misogyny.

But I just. I don't see this explored ever. And again, there may be more important discussions to be had than this weird-ass nuanced space I occupy. I just also know I'm not the only person in this space. And I wonder sometimes if discussions can be had about the simultaneous experience of transphobia and misogyny without the overlap of the two can be had without taking away from discussions about transmisogyny. Like obviously I'm gonna put discussions of transmisogyny over discussions of this weird unexplored gender space but I just wonder if the conversation can ever be had?

Idk. It's 3am.


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